Oil Analysis - (1 Pack)


Oil Analysis - (1 Pack)

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Our Single Oil Analysis will give you a good complete check on any component.  The analysis looks at Wear Metals, Additives, Contamination (Dirt, Coolant, Etc) Viscosity at 100*C, Particle Count, Acid Number, Water by Karl Fisher, Glycol and Flashpoint

Primary Applications: Transmissions, Hydraulics, Gearboxes, Compressors

Includes Testing oil for:

  • Elementals

  • Viscosity

  • Particle Count

  • Acid Number

  • Water by Karl Fisher

  • Glycol

  • Flashpoint (Fuel)

The kit includes 1 sample bottles, return shipping containers and postage for ease of use.

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Part Number: Oil - Level 3

Description: Tests for Elementals, Viscosity, Particle Count,  Water and Acid Number. Includes bottle, label, return shipping container and return postage.