Oil Analysis for your Diesel Truck. We test all kinds of diesel engines from fleets to personal cars and trucks!

Whether you count on your diesel to tow horses, daily commuter or function on a job site without breaking down. Oil analysis can help save you time and money on your oil changes, while giving you peace of mind that your truck is ready to go when you need it the most. We have developed a special program for our own diesel engines and now we are sharing that program with you. If you want to know how your 12 Valve Cummins is doing after you cranked it up or how the trusty Power-stroke is doing with that new filter we can test it and find out.

Why Test? Each engine is different and can degrade the oil at different rates just due to the duty cycles and configuration.

Variable's: Snow Plowing, Block Heaters, Turbos, Towing, Emissions, DEF (Urea), DPF

Each of these variables can affect your oil life and through testing we can give you an idea of exactly what drain interval is right for your truck.

Performing Oil Analysis on your diesel engine oil can give you many benefits.

How many more miles you can safely put on your oil before you need to change it? Other things we can do is tell you. If there are any contaminants in your oil such as Dirt, Anti Freeze or Fuel.

No Oil Analysis VS. Oil Analysis

     Cost Analysis:

              Duramax Oil Change: 2.5 Gallons X $20 Per Gallon =  $50 at 5,000 Miles = 100 Miles per $1

              Duramax Oil Change:  2.5 Gallons X $20 Per Gallon =  $50 at 15,00 Miles = 300 Miles per $1

              Cost Savings: $100 per 15,000 miles - Oil Analysis Cost: $25 =  $75

              ROI: 200%  

Things to Consider When testing Your Engine:

Testing you engine oil filter can tell you

     If there are any parts in your engine wearing abnormally?

Testing your Transmission oil

     How many more miles you can safely put on your oil before you need to change it?

Test your Slip Tank Fuel

     Is your fuel clean, dry and ready to use?