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Fuel is crucial to any engine but with today's high pressure injection systems high quality fuel is no longer an option, its a requirement. Monitoring cleanliness, contaminants and quality will help assure you that your engine will start and run when you need it. Monitoring and trending will also help you prolong injector and fuel pump life by watching Water Content, Particle Count and Lubricity.

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The cleaner your fuel the longer your fuel filter, injector pump and injector life. By monitoring the number of particles in your fuel can help you head of problems early and avoid costly repairs and voided warranty's.

Click Here to Find out more about our diesel testing program 

Click Here to Find out more about our diesel testing program 

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Dirt, Water and Bacteria are the three most common contaminants but your environment may also cause contamination. With our contamination analysis we can help you identify what is contaminating your fuel and figure out solutions to prevent the contamination in the future.

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Monitoring your fuels lubricity, sulfur content and cold flow properties can help give you confidence that you are getting a high quality fuel that will flow well all year long as well meet OEM and Government specifications.