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Diesel Fuel Testing

Most diesel fuel testing methods come from an organization called ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). The ASTM methods look at a wide variety of parameters for diesel fuel. By looking at the different parameters we can give you an idea of how your fuel compares to industry standards.

With our cutting edge Fuel Analysis Program we can also help you troubleshoot operational issues like

Fuel filters plugging  

Short fuel filter life

High differential on fuel filters 

Fuel injector failures

Fuel pump failures 

Diesel Fuel Additive Dose Rates

Diesel Fuel Additive Residues


Below is the list of tests that OAL Performs, Contact Us today to find a test package to help solve your fuel problems 


These tests make up the Industry standard ASTM D975 fuel testing package

Ash % Mass                                ASTM D482

Carbon Residue Ramsbottom   ASTM D524

Cetane Index                              ASTM D976

Cloud Point                                 ASTM D2500

Cold Filter Plug Point                ASTM D6371

Conductivity                              ASTM D2624

Copper Strip Test                      ASTM D130

Distillation                                  ASTM D86

Flash Point                                 ASTM D93

Lubricity                                     ASTM D6079

Sulfur                                         ASTM D5453

Viscosity                                    ASTM D445

Water and Sediment                ASTM D2709


Additional  Testing

Elemental Analysis                              ASTM D6595  

Algae                                                    OAL O20

Particle Count                                       ISO 11171

Particle Analysis                                   OAL PA 

Ferrography                                          OAL FER

Pour Point                                              ASTM D97

Fuel Filter Residue Analysis                 OAL FFRA

Fuel Filter Efficiency Testing                 OAL FFE