Whether its an underground coal mine or a large open pit metal mine The Oil Analysis Lab has a long history with mining and has an oil analysis program that can be custom tailored for your mine and application.

Oil Analysis applications for underground mining

Oil Analysis applications for underground mining


Underground mines are a unique work environment, the oil and equipment that lives and paychecks depend on must run hard duty cycles. Heat can affect the life of the oil and particulate can impact the machine, with oil analysis you can monitor both the oil and the equipment to make sure they are both ready when you need them.

Oil Analysis applications for open pit mining

Open Pit

With the largest equipment on the planet rolling down steep grades you need to know the equipment and the oil are going to perform at their best. We can monitor everything from the oil that cools the brakes going into the pit to the engine oil that assures your going to pull the grade and make it to the dump.